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Get inebriated with fragrances and flavors.


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The Anchovy Colatura by Cetara was born to be the flavor enhancer par excellence.

It is the result of a long wait (over 18 months) of the slow ripening of freshly caught anchovies (strictly 100% Amalfi), deprived of the head and entrails, arranged in layers in “terzini” (the third part of oak barrels) where the anchovies alternate with the salt, finally closed by a lid where they are placed in smaller and smaller weights over time.

Amber in colour and with a balanced taste, even if strong, it has a rich bouquet of intense fragrances coming from the Mediterranean.

Size: 100 ml.

Additional information


Become drunk of aromas and flavors.


100 ml


The origins of the Colatura date back to over two millennia. It is, in fact, the successor to the Roman garum, which is thought to have been widespread among the ancient Druid warriors, where it was offered to soldiers as an invigorating substance for battles. It was initially the Romans who made use of it during the imperial conquest. It later became a flavour enhancer. It was then lost for several centuries, but the recipe reappeared in the Middle Ages with monastic groups along the Amalfi coast, who would preserve the anchovies during August under salt in wooden barrels with unfastened staves and place them in between two beams, known as “mbuosti”. Under the action of the salt, the anchovies would lose liquid which seeped out through the cracks in the barrels. This practice then spread among the coastal population, which perfected it with the use of woollen hoods to filter the brine.


Excellent for salad dressings, sautéed escarole, meat and fish. One of the best uses of it is in a typical Cetara dish: spaghetti con la colatura. But if you want to surprise your guests’ palates, then use it to make home-made mayonnaise with colatura (be careful about the amount you use!): perfect for accompanying salted fish.

Info Producer

Acquapazza Gourmet is a small artisan business founded in Cetara by 5 people who were united by their passion for the tradition of seafood products. The picturesque fishing village of Cetara is testament to the values and simplicity of these people, and it is there qualities that we find in the gourmet products and cooking of the AcquaPazza restaurant. Dedication, respect for raw materials and an imagination that is typical of the seafarers have driven on and continue to drive on Acquapazza to prepare its products in the same way that these unique delicacies have been prepared since Roman times.


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