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The CHATEAUX CUTTING BOARD has an innovative design and style,  made of oak wood and has a satin-finish stainless steel handle and  equipped with 4 glass bowls.

The handcrafted objects made by Bottega Pasquini Marino represent the result of a very careful selection of wood and other materials combined with handcrafted attention to detail.
The passion for wood is combined with the passion for design: each object has a practical function but without sacrificing aesthetic research.

Carved wooden trays with sinuous shapes, fruit trays with essential lines, practical storage units to keep the living room tidy: each element is designed to combine the warmth of wood with the simple lines of modern design.

Size: 400×400 mm; Thickness: 50 mm.


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Research and tradition in a unique formula.


Dimensions: 400×400 mm;
Thickness: 50 mm.

Info Producer

The Pasquini Marino artisan workshop was founded back in 1957 in Bovolone in the province of Verona, by the capable hands of its founder and namesake. In addition to manufacturing ability, Pasquini Marino has also paid special attention to selecting the finest-quality materials, from a careful selection of wood and fine and resistant fabrics. Over the years his successors and children Remo and Paola have invested their professionalism and the experience gained in a business that has gradually grown and branched out into production. It has established itself in the sector and stands out in the type of product, preserving those quality characteristics that have always distinguished the company. The superior quality of the Pasquini Marino workshop’s production has contributed to the spread of its products and brand across national borders, with the name featuring among the pantheon of renown artisan excellence on the Italian scene.


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