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The aromas are delicate and slightly fruity, while it is medium sweet, delicate and fruity to the taste.


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This Ferula Honey is produced by Api Nere Sicule (Slow Food Presidium since 2008), on the island of Filicudi and Palermo in June.

It has an amber colour tending to light and a very fine-grained, slow hardening.

Ferula honey has properties: anticoagulants, it is used to treat coughs, sore throats, fever, indigestion and in ancient times it was even used as a contraceptive because of its estrogenic properties.

Size: 250 gr.


The Ferula is a herbaceous evergreen plant in the Apiaceae family, native to the Mediterranean and Central Asia.

Its dried branches were used three thousand years ago to build hives for honey, and in modern day Sicily and Sardinia the flowering stems are collected in the summer when the flowers have withered. Following drying, they are used for artisan production, one such example are the traditional cube-shaped stools known as “furrizzi” in Central Sicily.

Asian women used this plant to induce abortion in their first trimester, along with a small group of women in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.


Recommended for those who do not like their honey too strong, excellent with fresh ricotta, goats cheese and soft blue cheeses.

Info Producer

My business came about almost by chance, almost; because I never would have thought that my future could develop from a passion and pleasure on the palate, and because I have always loved honey and the world of bees. So years ago, I put myself to the test and rather than purchasing the honey that I used to enjoy from an old beekeper in my town, I started producing it myself… and now I own a business with around 1,500 hives. Today, the owner of the business, Carlo Amodeo, is a pure keeper of the Sicilian Black Bee (Apis mellifera sicula), for which he has obtained recognition from the Slow Food Presidium. His business is also carbon neutral as regards CO2 environmental emissions thanks to a 27 Kw pholtovoltaic system that provides the energy he needs. The bee pollinates the flower and in turn adds nectar to the combs; oh the harmonious and spontaneous joy of a frantic and faithful sucking of the nectar, giving fertility! A sequence of gestures of everlasting love. (Carlo Amodeo)


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