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The Orange Ketchup was born when the vegan chef and expert in natural cuisine, Martino Beria came up with the idea of playing with the bright colors of nature; this is how the line of vegetable ketchup by the Nonno Andrea Farm was born.

The ketchup can be combined not only with chips, but also with meatballs and legume and vegetable burgers, with savory pancakes and with stuffed sandwiches. Slightly spicy taste, to taste with ricotta and vegetable fritters or with potato croquettes.

It is prepared at low temperature in vacuum cooking, with the use of many types of Biodiversity Friend certified vegetables and with the addition of quality ingredients.

On the palate it is creamy and velvety, sweet, with spicy notes, slightly spicy and sweet and sour.

Ingredients: Pumpkin, Fennel, organic apple cider vinegar, Leek, organic cane sugar, whole salt, Garlic, Ginger, Spicy chilli pepper, spices.

Size: 200 gr.


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