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Excite your Mind as well as the Palate!


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Organic Lemon Essence Spray is a Natural gastronomic essence based on Organic Lemon essential oil in the convenient 15 ml spray format useful for flavoring food and drinks, both hot and cold. 1 to 3 vaporizations per serving.

PriMa Bio with its essences leads us on a journey through which we explore the relationship between food, mind and body: a path that tends to understand how the brain creates the perception of taste and how this positively influences memory and emotions.

The difference with other essential oils is in the extraction method that occurs by evaporation, condensation and recirculation, going beyond common aromatic essential oils, exceeding thetraditional limits tied to, for example, instability at certain temperatures that would render them unpalatable, so as to make the PriMa Bio essences water-soluble and stable from – 30 ° to + 300 ° Celsius ( -22 ° to + 572 ° Fahrenheit).

PRI.MA. actually stands for the quintessence of taste!

Start your voyage of discovery to extraordinarily exotic flavors bringing cultures together, classic recipes and new creations. Give life to your special combinations and astonish your dining companions. They can also be used for common room diffusers, so as to bring your places closer to harmony with your senses.

Check the Suggestions sheet for more information on how to use them.

Ingredients: Organic Alcohol, Glycerol, 5% Organic Lemon Essential Oil, Antioxidant: tocopherols.

Size: 15 ml.


Neurogastronomy is an interdisciplinary science which explores the brain’s behavior in relation to foods. Among its
fathers, Gordon Shepherd, professor of Neurobiology at Yale Medical School and member of the Society of Neurogastronomy.
The study and production of PRI.MA. aromatic essences takes from this approach starting by analyzing how some specific neurotransmitters within the brain are triggered upon ingesting foods of differing flavors. For example, what takes place when we eat a dish to which we have essence of lemon balm added? We relax, our mood lifts, our general wellbeing improves.
PRI.MA. wishes to blaze trails barely trodden on by neurogastronomy and combine the strengths in the flavors of its own quintessences with health and wellbeing.


The use of essences for sweet and savory dishes and for drinks is very wide: from that on food as it is to all cold or hot cooking techniques. The addition of the product can be done at the beginning, during or at the end of the preparation according to your every creative need. Finally, the quantity of the Essence varies according to the desired intensity: from 0.1% (1ml / kg) to 1.5% (15ml / kg).

Method for dosage: with graduated Pasteur pipette or with a spoon (one = 2 ml; medium = 1 ml). With the Spray consider that every 5 vaporizations are about 1 ml.

Info Producer

Prima Bio was born from the intertwining of two stories that lead two friends to meet to carry out this project: Vito, president of his herbal company with over 25 years of experience in the sector and Tiziano Pastry Chef with experience gained in various parts of the world. thus was born PriMa, different stories for a single passion: taste, creativity and well-being in the kitchen.
The PriMa brand was born from an idea of ​​”circular well-being” inspired by the holistic conception of man and his harmonious relationship with the universe he inhabits, its peculiarities, its emotions. But not only. Behind the concept of the PriMa brand there is a very close interconnection with the “circularity” typical of the extraction process of the “raw” materials that make up its products. These are in fact the result of a process generated by the continuous movement of two circulators well represented in the graphic logo of the company. A circulatory movement that is also a metaphor for the virtuous interweaving of inside and outside, body and mind, physical and mental wellbeing. For this reason, PriMa begins its adventure with studies on neurogastronomy, the multidisciplinary science that studies the relationship between what we ingest (food) and what we feel (effects on body and mind). Hence the first “declination” of the brand with the PriMa Food line that offers a wide range of gastronomic essences created to satisfy the taste for natural well-being between pleasure for the body and the palate and pleasure for the mind.


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