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Organic Orange Essence Spray is a Natural gastronomic essence based on Organic Orange essential oil in the convenient 15 ml spray format useful for flavoring food and drinks, both hot and cold. 1 to 3 vaporizations per serving.

PriMa Bio with its essences leads us on a journey through which we explore the relationship between food, mind and body: a path that tends to understand how the brain creates the perception of taste and how this positively influences memory and emotions.

The difference with other essential oils is in the extraction method that occurs by evaporation, condensation and recirculation, going beyond common aromatic essential oils, exceeding thetraditional limits tied to, for example, instability at certain temperatures that would render them unpalatable, so as to make the PriMa Bio essences water-soluble and stable from – 30 ° to + 300 ° Celsius ( -22 ° to + 572 ° Fahrenheit).

PRI.MA. actually stands for the quintessence of taste!

Start your voyage of discovery to extraordinarily exotic flavors bringing cultures together, classic recipes and new creations. Give life to your special combinations and astonish your dining companions. They can also be used for common room diffusers, so as to bring your places closer to harmony with your senses.

Check the Suggestions sheet for more information on how to use them.

Ingredients: Organic Alcohol, Glycerol, 5% Organic Orange Essential Oil, Antioxidant: tocopherols.

Size: 15 ml.


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