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Delicious Organic Zabaglione!


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Sanbay Organic Zabaglione: the organic zabaglione par excellence.

A cream for connoisseurs that enhances the genuine flavor of our eggs and is inspired by the Piedmontese culinary tradition.

Its recipe is the same as in the 16th century, attributed to Fra Pasquale De Baylon and known as the cream of San Baylon, from which both the name of “zabaglione” and that of our Sanbay derive.

Light, nutritious and gluten-free, it is made tasty and energetic thanks to a few simple organic ingredients: eggs from our hens raised outdoors and fed with organic cereals from the company, sugar and Passito di Sicilia white wine, to give it the characteristic note aromatic of dried fruit.

Served hot or cold, it lends itself to the most creative recipes and is ideal to accompany ice cream, cream or fresh fruit salad. But its true goodness can be tasted in purity, appreciating all the nuances of taste directly from the jar or sharing it with friends and family in elegant cups that will give a special touch to shared moments.

How to store: store at room temperature away from heat sources and in a place protected from direct light, once opened, store in the refrigerator.

Ingredients: BIO pasteurized sweetened egg yolk (BIO chicken egg yolk 50%, BIO cane sugar 50%), BIO raisin white wine *, BIO cane sugar, rice starch (4%) (* Contains sulphites ).

Size: 240 gr.

Info Producer

The Olivero Claudio Organic Farm has historical roots. Claudio, born into the Olivero family who had been breeding Piedmontese cattle for generations, was introduced to farming at a very early age. Growing up in tune with the rhythm of nature, he developed a profound respect for working the land according to the traditional methods of his ancestors. Gradually he started introducing innovative and sustainable techniques which ultimately lead him to completely transform the family farm.

In 2000 he decides to stop breeding cattle and to start rearing laying hens for egg production according to the principles of organic agriculture which guarantees the animal’s well-being and allows them great freedom. He also decides to start on-farm organic feed production for his hens, ensuring complete control and the highest standard of feed quality. This results in a transparent production model within a closed loop system (recycling all organic matter back to the soil), allowing for the creation of a clear and open relationship with consumers, offering them a secure product of indisputable quality.

According to Claudio’s view on agriculture, craftsmanship and modernisation need to go hand in hand in order to obtain wholesome and tasty food.

Satisfied by the results so far, the challenge remains to continue working according to the same ethical organic farming principles.


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